Item Reus

performancia, 2017 / performance, 2017

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Performancia s názvom Item Reus (lat. tiež vinní) vznikla na základe úryvku z knihy katalánskeho spisovateľa Jaume Cabrého Jo confesso (špan. spovedám sa), v ktorom blúzniaci hlavný hrdina románu mimovoľne prirovnáva myšlienky a praktiky stredovekého španielskeho rímskokatolíckeho teológa a inkvizítora Nicolaua Eimerica a následne katolíckej cirkvi vôbec k zverstvám páchaným v nacistických vyhladzovacích táboroch počas 2. svetovej vojny. Ako rozpracované dielo bola odprezentovaná na festivale LiKe v Košiciach v októbri 2017 a ako ukončené dielo premiérovo uvedená v galérii Krokus v Bratislave na vernisáži výstavy I Feel Weird Again (Modelová realita II.) v novembri 2017.

The performance entitled Item Reus (Latin also guilty) is based on an excerpt from the book by the Catalan writer Jaume Cabré Jo confesso (Spanish I confess), in which the mad protagonist of the novel involuntarily compares the ideas and practices of the medieval Spanish Roman Catholic theologian and inquisitor Nicolau Eimeric and subsequently of the Catholic Church in general to the atrocities committed in the Nazi extermination camps during World War II. As a work in progress, it was presented at the LiKe festival in Košice in October 2017 and was premiered as a finished work in the Krokus Gallery in Bratislava at the opening of the exhibition I Feel Weird Again (Model Reality II.) In November 2017.

English translation of recited text in the video:

In ancient times, when great travelers at the end of the world encountered a great water or a great wall, an angel appeared to a holy man, who commanded him to dedicate his life to our Lord God. The Catalan scholar Nicolau Eimeric soon became a prudent professor of theology, and his endless devotion to the Catholic faith inspired him to lead the Inquisition against the filth of unworthy heretics in all the kingdoms of Catalonia. Our great scholar was born in Baden-Baden on November 25, 1900, and at a relatively young age he worked his way up to the SS Obersturmbannführer to return to his homeland in 1944 after a short but significant break as Auschwitz Oberlagerführer, where he used his wisdom to solve the question of blood purity. With great zeal he proclaimed the heretic his countryman Ramon Llull who was proclaiming equality among the people in matters of faith in his perverted book Philosophica Amoris and proclaiming the item reus of all those who would read or even think about this perverted book in all kingdoms or elsewhere. This is written in the court file of July 13, 1367.

“Uh-uh-uh. All convicts must have their tongues cut out first.”
“But Your Excellency, isn’t it enough to just cover their mouths with a rag?”
“Everyone’s tongue needs to be cut right away. They are obsessed, they would easily bite the rag. If they were able to speak, their mouth could use the devil. – This is a great wine, please pour me some more. – Orders are like the Holy Scripture to me and must be carried out without delay. In performing his duties, a member of the SS must be prepared to fully sacrifice his personality. Therefore, in 1334, I obeyed God’s prompting and entered the monastery so that I could serve the one and pure truth. Supposedly I am ruthless, I do not know mercy, but in matters of faith I stand only on one side, on the side of purity and truth, Your Grace. In my heart, Your Grace, you will find devotion to the one and pure truth. As you know, I am not an engineer or a scientist, but under my supervision, all crematoria in Birkenau can operate 48 hours a day without failure. ”
“That is admirable, Mr Oberlagerführer. But is that even possible? ”
“Nothing is impossible for a man armed with faith and a pure heart. There is only one truth, as well as faith, so I am constantly working to exterminate heretics who, with their impurity, decompose the essence of the mother church. With my integrity and humility, I could be a role model for all Oberlagerführers.”
“Even so, your Excellency, acknowledge, burning is a terrible death. Is it really necessary? ”
“The general practice of Christ’s Church, Your Grace, shows that this is the only way to get rid of rot. Death is probably terrible, but it is reasonable.”
“After these words, I have no doubt that you would be a good pope, Mr. Oberlagerführer.”
“We don’t have to worry about that, Your Grace. As Oberlagerführer, I am really responsible for everything. For example, the last supply of gas is enough for three outputs and no one even thinks to order another, but I can not blame them, Your Grace, in Oswiecim, sorry, in Auschwitz, everyone is already reworked.