Corsets (2001) featured in a book Queer!? Visual Arts in Europe 1969 – 2019

Queer!? Visual Arts in Europe 1969 – 2019, Anton Anthonissen a Robert van Straaten, Waanders & Kunst Publishers 2019, ISBN: 978-9462622043

Reflection on social and political change came to characterise a lot of the work of artists from Central and Eastern Europe during this decade. Slovakian artist Maroš Rovňák decried the discrimination of sexual minorities in a series of textile objects, resembling something between a corset and  a straightjacket, embroidered with Catholic and other symbols, which made the association with a chasuble unavoidable. The artist dedicated each one to specific political and ecclesiastical authorities whose dismissive comments and attitude had struck him. In the work shown here (Kazula pre Jána Sokola, from the Korzety series 2001, fig. 188) the initials of Jesus Christ can be interpreted as a reference to his instruction to love one another and show compassion.